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Step 1 - Select Banner Size, Change Background Color or Upload Pre-Made Template/Upload Your Own.

Step 2 - Add Your Video To Your Banner, Select Where It Is To Be Placed, Re-Size & Place Decorative Border.

Step 3 - Add Logo's, Text, Images or Call-To-Action Buttons to suit your Video Banners requirements.

Images - We have installed a wide variety of images for you to use when required.

Fonts - With over 30 Fonts already in stock, you have plenty to choose from.. If you require a special Font to complete your banner, please contact us and we will happily add it for you!

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Members receive full training once they join our community, best of all.. All our training modules are always 100% FREE - For Life!
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Re-Targeting Blueprint


Re-Targeting is one of the most powerful tools with your marketing when used correctly.

We show you how you to can see results like these:

134% Boost in incremental revenue
400% Increase in ROI
20X Reduction in re-targeting CPA

Banner Swapping & Exchanges


Not everything to to with Banner Advertising needs to be done exactly the same as everyone else.

See what Video Banner Pro can do for you!

Facebook Advertising 101

We teach you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to get your adverts in-front of hungry buyers, just waiting to click!

Stop wasting time and money and learn from the experts!

Instagram Video Marketing


With new advertising platforms presenting themselves, each and every year, being left behind is not an option!

Your Banners can be displayed and shared as images, or you can really step it up by using their 16 Second Video Sharing Option!

Once you have been showed the power of Instagram's Video Advertising, your business will be transformed by exposing its offers to the newer generation of internet users.

Flipagram Video Marketing

Flipagram Video Marketing shows you exact;y what you need to do, to get your business noticed.

Our extensive training module teaches you step-by-step what is required for you to use this Ap.

Marketing with Video & Images is easy with Video Banner Pro!

Plus A Whole Lot More!

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  • Infinite Banners

    Create as many banners as you want, for life! Sky is the limit..

  • Increase Your Sales

    Watch your sales sky rocket by up to 30% just from using video banners!

  • Social Media Sharing

    We have made sharing your banners simple with our social media icons.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Our banners are mobile responsive, this means you do not have to do a thing..

  • Create In Minutes

    Our software creates banners in minutes, normally about 4-5 to be exact!

  • Stops Wasting Time

    We have eliminated the difficulty when it comes to creating complicated banners!

  • Stores Files Your Way

    Once you create your banner, it is stored on your computer, ready for use.

  • World Wide Access

    Access this software World Wide, no longer do you need to be in front of your computer!


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Subject: Video Banners That Demand Attention, Video Banners That Drive Traffic

Over the past 2 years we have all seen these video creation tools.

Now lets be honest...

... they create videos, But have you seen any traffic from them? Or even better.. did you get any sales?

So, what if there was a GUARANTEED way to get your videos seen, then generate sales!

Introducing Video Banner Pro..

It is as simple as this:

1. Choose your banner size

2. Add your logo

3. Insert your video (doesn't even need to be your video!)

4. Add your CTA Button

5. Preview

6. Export and Upload

Then you are nearly Done..

So your video banner is complete, now it is time to get it seen..

Our exclusive training modules will show you the following:

- How to advertise on Facebook
- How to use Ad Exchanges like GOOGLE ADSENSE
- How to Retarget your audience for maximum conversions (NEW)
- How to get your Videos ranking high (organically)
- Where to advertise your banners to over 100+ websites
- How to do banner exchanging with other website owners
- How to get cheap banner placements (starting from $5..)

Plus so much more..

Then you can join our regular training webinars to have your questions answered live on camera..

Video Banner Pro is a lot more than just software... We are an advertising community, that is here to help.

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Subject: Video Banners That Dominate, Business Changing Video Banners


If you are like me.. are sick and tired of software that doesn't deliver results.

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...and you just want your once chance.. to finally crack the Internet Marketing code as they say!

Well - good news my friend!

Video Banner Pro, the complete Video Marketing Community will take you by the hand, from the start to the finish!

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-400% Increase in ROI
-134% Boost in Incremental Revenue
-20X Reduction in Retargeting CPA

Disclaimer: Your results may vary depending on what products you promote, and how hard you work.. As well as being able to follow instructions.

If you are truly sick and tired of IM methods that just don't work, then this is the place for you..

Video Banner Pro will change the way you do business forever!

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Subject: Get 70% More Sales By Adding One Simple Strategy


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Video Banner Pro will change the way you do business forever!


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Subject: 88% Of Marketers Do This.. Do You?


Did you know that 88% of marketers polled by Marin Software said they use Retargeting with their marketing campaigns.

Did you also know that most marketers either run Retargeting on Facebook campaigns or Web based campaigns.

Lets take a look at what happens when you combine the two..

So Marin conducted a study on retargeting — where ads are shown based on browsing or purchasing behavior — among 233 marketers in Q2. Each month, both Facebook and display ads saw rises in CTR when combined.

Here’s a look at how retargeted Facebook ads performed in Q2 when they were combined with display.

fb ctr

Now, here’s a look at clickthrough rate stats for display advertisers who also utilized Facebook’s retargeting options.

display ctr

At Video Banner Pro we arm you with the complete education, so every marketing campaign you run with Video Banners is a complete success!

Now is the time for you to visit Video Banner Pro and see how we can change the way you do business forever!


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(To view Marins Full Retargeting Report Please Click This Link

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Subject: Sales Conversion Rates by Device Type - Video Banner Pro


Video Banner Pro takes a fresh new approach when it comes to educating business owners.. We arm you with the truth, hard earned facts, then supply you with solutions to ensure you ROI is superseeded.

We created this chart to enable a visual comparison of mobile conversion rates from the Monetate Q4 2014 Ecommerce Quarterly.

It clearly shows that Smartphone add-to-cart and conversion rates are much lower than for desktop - important if you're making the transition to a complete mobile responsive site.

conversion rates

To get more quality business tips just like this, remember to join the Video Banner Pro Advertising Community today!


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