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Errors in Using Advertising Banners 

Advertising banners are considered one of the best tools for digital marketing.  However, many promoters still suffers from different errors in using this type of marketing strategy. Some of the common errors with its usage will be highlighted in this article; to help you improve your methodologies.

Here are the errors that you should avoid and requires special consideration to make your online existence rewarding and satisfying.

  • Attraction

The main problem most business owners commit is that, they create advertising banners that are unattractive. This is very crucial, since it is your gateway towards more potential customers to generate traffic to your site. You can perform several ways to make it attractive; and it includes sizing, color, position, motion, and shape. Once you integrate them properly, you will have a sure hit to your target.

  • Less Value

The next mistake that you must avoid is the creation of ad banners that carries a lesser value. You must give yourself the idea that your primary objective is to build interest from your customers; and this could be done through adding value. The value can be enhanced through concentrating on the appeal, credibility, exclusivity, and clarity.

  • Appropriate Click

“Click” is one of the most ignored things by the promoters in terms of adverting banners. Remember that majority of your customers are wise; therefore, you will ask them to click your banner so that they will be informed on your products or services. Thus, because of creating banners containing irrelevant information makes them hesitant to click your ad. This just implies that you must deal first, on how you will get the trust of your target audiences to click your banner.

  • No Continuity

It is crucial to remember the banner is your primary step towards creating a good conversion. In order to take the most active online advertising, you have to ensure that all your portions are working together harmoniously. To attain continuity, every step in the process of conversion should either support or state the value proposition. Though your product proposition value may contain three to four statements, you have to ensure that the used statements in the advertising banner are presented immediately on the landing page. This will help the visitors easily and quickly recognize that they are under the right page.

Once your ad banner offers a free quote, convey that message on the landing page and provide them with the value you promised. Once the landing page does not sustain the message and value in the ad banner, there is a possibility that visitors will suffer from anxiety and friction, and as a result, you will lose the great quality of the conversation.

These are just some of the advertising banners errors that most advertisers commit, which affects greatly the credibility and integrity of their business. Now that you are guided with these things, see to it that you improve the quality of your ad to make it more appealing and drive revenue to your site.


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